The magic formula

The magic formula

I have a formula I want to share with you. It is easy to understand and very logical. The result of a love or money spell is based on some key factors. I won't rule out that there is a thing called luck or coincidence that can make a small (I mean small difference). I will focus on the big things, and this is the formula: Magic Spell + Believe + being positive + staying strong = Success!

Let's pretend these 4 keys factors of a great result, has each a procetage of the success.

Magic spell 50%
Believing 25%
Positive 15%
Staying strong 10%

I know that being positive and staying strong is almost the same thing, but with a small difference: staying strong is when you say you will fight for the love spell to work even though you feel negative.

So what will happen when you stop believing? Well, it is simple math. Suddenly, there is only a 75% chance that the love spell will work. It's the same if you stop being positive.

If you feel that you cannot stay strong, positive, and believe in the spell, then you MUST ask the spell caster for some extra assistance. It might be some extra cost, but in the long run, it's worth it big time!

Another tip: You may want to ask for a cleansing or karma spell before deepening into a love or money spell. Why? Because it will make you feel stronger, more confident, and clean from negative energies around you. You will "erase" any bad karma from previous lives with a karma spell. And your love spell will work for sure.

Another way is to get blessed online or offline before casting the spell!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you!