Think about this 

before you buy a spell

Live a perfect life with no more regrets, loneliness, despair, pain or shattered dreams!

The last 15 years I've collected valuable and powerful stones and artifacts from all around our globe. FINALLY I have the materials needed to perform the ancient full moon blessing druids have know about for over 2000 years! I have to limit this to around 100 people and since most spots are already taken, I am closing the signups shortly.

"Incredible how much positive energy your blessing gave me! I long for the monthly blessing to be performed so I can feel fully boosted and happy!" Diana J. Seattle, USA

"The loneliness is gone now! I doubted your full moon blessing but people are drawn to me now and I have many new friends thanks to the blessing. Forever grateful to you, High-Priestess Myrna :)" Sara L. Belgium

"I bought the blessing service as a present to my mother and she is so different now, in a positive sense! It's like she seems younger, more energetic, happier and full of life! You blessing is more of a miracle than a blessing!" - Tony W, Birmingham, UK


RISK FREE! First month for free of charge, cancel at any time!

It's no wonder so many seek my expertise for their problems. I have been very successful for a long time with what I do.

Let me bless you

A spell is something that target a problem directly, a blessing is a more long term solution to ALL problems in life. If you would like to feel better than ever before, then this is something for you!

Wonders of positive energies

A blessing is performed once every full moon and generates more than enough positive energies help you in all spectrums of your life. From relationships to economy to luck and personal growth. You will feel brand new and feeling that the future is bright and you will discover possibilities you never even knew existed.

Amazing results awaits you - sign up now!

When signing up to the monthly blessing (every full moon to be exactly) you will experience most of the below:

You will have a more positive attitude to everything in life
You will experience more unexpected positive things happening to you
You will have better relations with other people (friendship, love, co-workers etc)
You will be more productive (get things done)
You will find an inner calm and gain more self-confidence
You will see clearer what is important in life
You will make better economical decisions

Also the full moon blessing will ward you from all negative forces/energies.

...and more!


Why a blessing and not a spell . Get blessed

As mentioned earlier, a spell is more targeted to fix a problem that have risen. A blessing goes deeper and prevents problems to ever happen! To make you understand the difference, I could draw a parallel with stomach surgery vs eating well and living a healthy lifestyle. Spells would be the "surgery" and blessing the "healthy lifestyle" that prevents problems of any kind.

Monthly Blessing - Special offer first month FREE

I will start with a cleansing spell after you signed up. This will be done within 72h to prepare you for the energies of the blessings. Your blessing is performed every full moon for as long as you continue the blessing service. The fee is normally 9.95 USD to start and 9.95 each month (you will be automatically charged after 30 days), But if you sign up today I will give you the first month for FREE! No strings attached. After each monthly blessing has been performed for your well-being, I will send you an email about it.

The blessing only lasts 30-35 days and therefore it's in your own interest to continue if you want to feel lasting happiness! It's like going to the gym to get strong. First it takes some time before you get fit/strong and then if you stop working out, you will slowly lose your strength. Same principle goes with the full moon blessing that I will perform for you.


Q: Can I order a blessing for someone else without them knowing?
A: YES! That is a wonderful thing to do, helping someone to have a better life!

Q:How long will it take before I feel changes?
A: It depends from person to person. It will at least take one blessing to have any possibility for change but most report they see the changed after two blessings.

A: YES, the blessing is designed to remove all bad energies in your life. Imagine that you are a ship heading for treacherous waters and my blessing is a gust of wind that takes you to a safe passage. Where exactly it will take you I do not know, except that it will be a good place and a smooth journey!

Q:Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
A: YES, of course you can! No questions asked :)